Wednesday, January 11

Thinking about early retirement

It's every working human's dream. Hands up for those who still want to teach the kids, still want to teach them phoneme, to check their books, to check their school badge on their uniform, or tick the attendance book everyday as a classroom teacher at the age of 50 or something?
I say, I won't. I won't stay at school forever until I lost my teeth. The women at 50 should traveling around the world, and live to the healthiest and the finest they can. Or at least rest at home, with their beloved family.

You know? I have my own fantasies, what I should do to achieve the every-human's-dream, but I don't want to say it now before I make my very first step. The objective is to make sure I am not depend on only to my monthly salary as a teacher, but able to cover me up as the unemployed, soon. How about you? Don't tell me you are preparing yourself the teeth to face your 50 years old as a working human being.