Sunday, January 15

The weekends when you are alone in your company

#Miles30 At first, I wanted to say, to be in Miles 30 during the weekends was totally a horrible thing to do. But wait. Have you ever think, the moment is actually the best time in our life when we can genuinely do whatever we want to do. 
I can sleep as much as I want to recover myself over weekdays tortures. In some other time, I felt that I dont have enough energy to start the Monday. Dont get enough rest to drive over 170kms every Friday back home and again the same kms to Miles 30. 
However, I am not the kind of sleep 24 hours to spend my weekends. So, I watched watch horror movies all day long today. The Quiet Ones, and The Triangle. Both are recommended, especially The Triangle when your favourite is unsolved mystery.