Saturday, January 28

The Soup Syndrome

Its Chinese New Year. None of our favourite restaurants were opened. But everyone craved the soup.  Mom, little sister and little brother, and me, while everyone named different places to eat, but everyone, once again didn't know where should they eat, at the end. Hmm..  
We randomly parked the car in front of a new restaurant in Kiaburi.  I still in my car when mom suddenly approached me, and wishpered, 'I dont wanna eat here'. 'Why?' 'I just dont like it'. Oh mommm.. 
Then, near to it, we entered a nice restaurant where I ate Ayam Penyet with the two littles yesterday. 'Why we eat here? Theres no other place to eat?' asked little brother when we were already outside the car. 'We ate here yesterday!' Little sister sounded upset. 'We will eat here, otherwise, Alal and I will leave late to KK'. With unhappy faces, we entered the restaurant.  
'Sorry, but the soup didnt ready yet.' I told them to order and eat anything. Everyone stucked in a long silence. Disagreed. 'Then, lets find another restaurant'. Again? OMG! Hahahaha. I dont want to make them upset this so early in the morning. Lets just feed our beloved with their favourite. Hahaha.   
At last, we entered a Java Restaurant at Town, ordered a bowl of soup for everyone. 'Ema, lets eat Ngau Cap asfter this.' 'But its Chinese New Year, Ber. The Chinese restaurant maybe close for few days'. 'I dont care, I want to eat Ngau Cap'. Ohhh.. I thought the bowl of soup we ate still cant satisfied his crave.