Sunday, January 1

New year, annversary

Long term friendships can and do end. I could give you, and you, and you any numbers of how long we can be friends, but not this one. 
Idont have many friends, I talk rubbish with almost all people I knew. I talk something I already know to strangers. Everytime. For me, friendship must be something lasts, something I never forget. For those criterias, I actually have none, but my family.  
this one ordinary man. 
I have known him for a long time, since we were in secondary school.. 10 years ago. It was a long story to tell you, but we somewhat close in Friendster, never in real life. Haha! Never thought I'd see this man again. We met again few years ago, and decided to keep in touch. Keep in touch by heart =P<3 .="" div="" nbsp="">
The love creates life for me, brighter, and greater, in many ways. His love, his smile, his shadow, his voice while we talk for hours, his poems, and even my tiny heart fits him, perfectly.  
Happy 4th anniversary.