Saturday, July 4

Sleepwalker: Is that me doing that?

I woke up at dawn, for sahur. It was about third times the alarm clocked before I get up from bed. I was shocked when my eyes catched to the wide opened window. I start thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking while my body shaking. Last night during Isha', I saw a coachroach crawling through my room. Because of thinking it must be from outside, I closed the window right after. Of course I clearly remember that I was the one closing the window...

Sleepwalking is a disorder that causes people to get up and walk while they're asleep (Copied from somewhere). I afraid I am a sleepwalker. I dont even remember what Im doing last night. Unexplained.

Lalu, kepalaku pun mereka pelbagai versi cerita hantu.

Let just be optimist - It so nothing.
Taman Rimba, Sandakan.