Sunday, June 28

Health Check-up

Okey. We have done something healthy today. Not the workout-thing, but health check-up with the Herba-Life's Chinese street girl. At first, we ignored her from promoting us to the product outside the CIMB Bank, but later when she said 'U just need to take this check up for free' (well, who's on earth did not want any free services? Haha) using some kind of weighing machine. 
Nah.. This is for the results.. 
-Need to cut few kilos of weight
-Need calcium
-Need to be physically active 
Looks like I need some movement or kinda back to old days? 45 to 47 kilos is dancing on mind.. Plus, I need to consume more calcium based on the results. Okey! Got that! 
Girls out there, please be healthy. Mommas out there, please be healthy. Let's be healthy together. 
#CIMBBank #Ranau