Friday, June 26

Green green grass

How amazing was this life. Waiting for buses to hometown at the Check-point every Friday's evening. Hoping to catches the earliest bus stopped by. Are there anyone like me even exist in this world?  
Yep. There were many of them.  
I remember when we went to Singapore about 3 weeks ago. Some of the worker in Singapore actually live at Johor. At dawn, the bus take them to the Woodland, passes the immigration and go to work. And the same routine at the late evening, back to Johor. Every day, same routine for months, for years. They might have money.. the bos paid them well in Dollars, but they did not have life. 
Umm.. Back to mine story.. I have to say that nothing to do at home.. Totally nothing! opsss! I mean my rented home at Batu 7 Sandakan. It was lifeless there. The window is wide open. The fresh-hot air comes from the ceiling fan.. Uhh.. Yet, I can't breath properly in that house during weekends, and I dont know why. 
I gotta get a car as soon as possible.
#CheckPointSandakanTawau #Batu32