Wednesday, June 10


5 years passed with scars in myself, emotionally and mentally. I have done lot of things that I dont want to regret, today.. But to make it my lifetime lessons. The road still long, the life must go on to ffind better life than this, and to make my parents even happier and proud of me as I, today, brought home something precious than a Gold Medal, First Class Bachelor of Teaching (Honours) Physical Edu. for Primary Education. 
Happy convocation, dear self. I proud to myself, to put myself among the best people in academic and in sports. 
The happiest moment when daddy said 'You always the best of the best!'
Yes.. Every now and then, daddy.. Im ur best daughter :D

Well.. It's not easy to do this pose with 
high heels on and grassy ground :P
Thanks dear for the shoot. Love it!

Something good is about to happen soon! Yeaaaa!!!