Sunday, July 6

Imperfect, yet beautiful :)

It's been a long time since my last entry on this bog. Will update in later on after publishing this post. 

I have been busy lately with my part time - assignment. I've finished my last assignment for just 4 hours and half in straight. Cannot believe what im doing to myself, to my brain - mentally tired. But I love this kind of part time. So, not a big deal to be a workaholic all the time, right? Actually, those assignment not the last. I decided to cancel the assignment that was given by my classmate earlier because it seems like I need more time with boyfriend and myself before I become toooooo busy with my own action research. Final sem.. Wink! Wink! (Double thumbs up!) hehe. So, today was my first day 'off' in almost two weeks
The best way to live happily is not to expect something to high. And that what I set in my mind this final year. Last semester's result was not perfect - 3.92.  But that's what have written by Allah S.W.T. Syukur.. unperfect, yet beautiful.