Wednesday, June 18

31DaysChallenge - Day 06. A picture of a person I'd love to trade places with for a day.

Enya, is an Irish Musician. Of course I want to trade places with her for a day. First, because I really wanted for so long to have such a voice of her, and yeah.. sing my fav songs, Amarantine, Athair Ar Neamh, Asks the Mountain, Only Time, etc... in every single minute.
Second, I want to live in a castle for a lifetime, just like she did. She actually lives in the Manderley (The name of her castle) and have a song related to her home titled My Home is My Castle. Harhar... If I can't be Enya (of course I can't.. hehe), should I buy a mini castle? :)
Third, I would steal her creativity to create songs that later, I would play it in my own house, when I transform back to myself. Haha. Full of imagination: p