Friday, June 13

31DaysChallenge - Day 01. A picture of mine with ten facts.

Day 1. Share some facts of me, based on Day 01 of 31 Days Challenge question.

Fact 1. I once shaved off my right eyebrow when I was 4 years old because I really wanted to be an adult.

Fact 2. The picture was taken at the peak of Seoraksan Mountain, Gangwon Province, where is located few Kms across the border in North Korea. The mountain is well-known as the highest mountain in Taebaek Mountain Range, and is the third highest mountain in South Korea. I experienced the most dramatic scenery here by hiking to get there on the peak, through extremely cold and strong wind in mid-autumn. 
Fact 3. I hear many song and genres. But I love these genres more - symphonic metal, new age, sad core, oldies, instrumental. 

Fact 4.  I'd like to donate my blood but never had a chance. Im A-blood type.

Fact 5. I am allergic to Strawberry. So, I always need to avoid strawberry containing food at any cost. Well, the fact that, I never thought about how delicious the real strawberry (the taste) can be. Uwekk. But yeah, I know which one of the foods on the store made of real or artificial strawberry additive, cause the one that makes me feel itchy nose, teary eyes, and some minor or major allergy symptoms, is food that contains real strawberry additive. I’ve tried it many times.

Fact 6. I like to have deep conversations with someone with problems. And then, I often give them some advices about related topics we talking about. I don’t know why people always telling me about them, but… Am I a future psychologist? Nanana~

Fact 7. I always put my lip-balm, Samsung phone, Nokia phone, and sometimes face powder on my 10cm x 15cm Guess wallet.

Fact 8. Shoes. I like Asics more than Adidas & Nike. But now, I currently wear Adidas for running shoes and Nike for the sneakers.

Fact 9. I love the combinations of any 5, 8, and 9.

Fact 10. One day I would like to travel around the world, and write every single moment in my blog. Travel around the world, at any cost.