Sunday, April 20

Feeling so sick.

Feeling so sick now. Headache, abdominal cramps, nausea with feeling urge to vomit, can't walk properly, weak and lacking energy. Then, I googled my symptoms to figure out what's wrong with me. It said that was sorta 'Holiday Laziness', spread by no one because it actually come from myself. To prevent me from spreading the infection, I keep myself off from school, teachers, and student. Thank you. Get well soon, myself. Cause tomorrow, you need to go back to Tambunan, No excuse. Except if you really wanna repeat your practicum.

Me: Mak, I don't wana back to Tambunan today. So lazy.
Mama: Up to uu.. (Busy drawing her eye brows)
Me: Well, I need your 'restu' to do that.
Mama: My 'restu' always with u (Still busy..)
Me: Then, we'll go to clinic tomorrow to get MC. Harharhar.
Mama: Okey. No problem (Thumbs up)

Anything we do, ask mom first. If she say okey, then proceed to next level. Get rid of the symptoms and be normal, slowly... cause tomorrow is my last day holiday. Hehehe.