Friday, February 14

Muscle strains

How long since your last exercise?
2 months ago.
Any heavy exercise?
Nope. Just aerobic. and jogging.
Okay. Its just muscle strains & nothing serious. It wudn't effect on your nervous system and you'll be okay soon. Don't just keep doing your work, but get enough rest and don't forget to do simple, easy exercise to reduce the pain on your back.

Harap esok hilanglah sakit belakang badan ni akibat muscle strain. Mustahil untuk tangan tecabut dari badan. Haha. Tapi tidak mustahil badan jem sebab sakit tereffect ke tempat lain. Esok Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan IPG Kampus Keningau. 2 bulan tanpa apa2 aktiviti fizikal, terus hentam 100m, 200m esok. Everything will be okey. Wish me goodluck :)

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