Thursday, January 23

3 kinds of people you won’t believe they actually exist

1. This dude, talk like a girl, sarcasm is his life - mentally sick.
2. Good looking boy, bloody-shit mouth - no manner.
3. Borrow others stuff - begin with 'punya kedekut'.

Meminjam barang biar dengan cara berhemah, okey dude? Its better if u ask 'Pinjam laptop' instead of 'Punya kedekut'. I bought my lappy with my own money (Opss.. I mean, the government - my own scholarship), and don't simply say like that because you're too lazy to bring your laptop to class. Shut your shitty mouth before I shut it using knife. Im not that 'kedekut', Im 1000 times better than you la dude - all that above kinds is in you. Hahaha~ Bloody sarcasm!