Wednesday, December 25

Change playlist to my most favourite songs :)

I put all my most all-time-favourite songs on my playlist - most favourite singers indeed, I must tell you.  I just wanna play it all in the same time and enjoy the songs alone. Moment of Peace by Gregorian, The Reign by  Tarja Turunen, Walking in The Air by Nightwish and Vermachtnis Der Sonne - the original one - by Lacrimosa. Enjoy! :D

I used to dream of my future home full of Gothic things and stuffs, the design - with castle, dark and gloomy places, clothes, door like above picture, talk with germanish-frenchish-arabic languages, people sing like Tarja, like Enya, Like Sarah Brightman and so much more - but of course without vampire like in Van Helsing :P I dream a lot, rite? Hehehe. Escape from ordinary life and live based on my own genre. And this is my truly genre, and I think its good to tell that these are my dreams till now.

Light up the dark below, see through the stars, reach to the earth's flow, drift into the joy of our hearts..